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Presentations from the seminar "Supporting Sustainable Oyster Aquaculture for the Atlantic Region of Europe". London (UK), 3rd December 2013.


Presentations from the seminar "The potential for wetland aquaculture; balancing economic development and conservation benefits". Seville (Spain), 30th October 2013.

The presentations are available in English (ENG), Spanish (ESP) and Portuguese (PT)

  • The Seafare Project (Daniel Lee - Bangor University). ENG - ESP - PT.
  • Ecological processes involved at the base of the food web when using eco-friendly aquaculture practises (Pedro Cañavate - IFAPA). ENG - ESP - PT.
  • Aquatic food webs in managed extensive ponds (Mark Walton - Bangor University). ENG - ESP - PT.
  • Increasing profitability of marine production in earthen ponds: Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture (Emilia Cunha - IPMA). ENG - ESP - PT.
  • Producing high quality and healthy products using local resources (Ana Prieto - IFAPA El Toruño). ENG - ESP - PT.
  • Management of earthen ponds for policulture and integrated multitrophic aquaculture (Pedro Pousão - IPMA). ENG - ESP - PT.
  • Sustainable Production Methodologies. Veta la Palma farm in Doñana environment (Miguel Medialdea - Veta la Palma). ESP.
  • Ecosystem services from wetlands created for eco-friendly aquaculture (Mark Walton - Bangor University). ENG - ESP - PT.

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  • October 2010. SEAFARE progresses at partner meeting during AE2010 in Porto
  • August 2010. Seafare - Sustainable & environmentally friendly aquaculture for the Atlantic region of Europe


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