Seafare Seafare

Expected Results

SEAFARE will promote sustainable expansion of European aquaculture. It will develop solutions to specific constraints on industry development for Europe's fish and shellfish farmers, with species diversification and development of low-intensity aquaculture systems that are compatible with sensitive coastal habitats. It will provide models for profitable expansion of the aquaculture sector that can be integrated with sustainable management of coastal ecosystems. SEAFARE will add value, generating multidisciplinary synergies and transferring knowledge between researchers and industry, across the Atlantic Area.

Highlights include:

  • Management guidance for offshore aquaculture
  • Environmentally friendly approaches for the diversification of aquaculture
  • Demonstrations of how to restore wetlands for sustainable exploitation
  • Improvements in sustainable sole production
  • Methods for the protection of endangered species
  • Reductions in waste from feed through conversion to other valuable crops

EU Support